We know what you’re thinking, when you hear remote worker, you probably envision someone living their ultimate digital nomad life, laying on a hammock under a palm tree, surrounded by all of the latest gadgets! 

While we aren’t saying this can’t be a reality, if it sounds too good to be true, we know it almost always is! In this week’s blog post, we explore the realities of remote work including the best bits and also the challenges we’ve experienced along the way.


#1 -  FREEDOM 

Life is all about experiences, why would we want to confine ourselves to the same corner of the world for the rest of our lives?! Working remotely means we can virtually work from anywhere in the world - which is incredible! Our work no longer ties us to one place. Experiencing diverse cultures & different landscapes, without having to save up our vacation time is one privilege we will never get tired of.


An example often reminded to us is when working the 9-5, Mon-Fri, if you have an item you have to pick up from the post office, but the post office is only open from 9-5, Mon-Fri, well, your pretty much sh*t outta luck. Or there’s that yoga class you want to go but it finishes at 10am, ugh shame you’ve got to be in the office! Remote work often means you’re able to choose when you do or don’t do something, work on your own schedule, rather than someone else’s, truly is a beautiful privilege to the remote work way of life! 


Having the opportunity to see the world and work and make a living at the same time has been such an incredible blessing for our own personal growth! We are constantly surrounding ourselves with diverse cultures & off adventuring to new places, the variety is amazing! It’s no secret that our society is only going to advance in the digital space, & it’s been incredible being able to travel with our how office just in our backpacks.



One great aspect of working in an office is that, if done right, it can bring an incredible sense of community by being physically present with each other. Seeing the same faces everyday helps to strengthen a sense of team whilst all working cohesively to a collective goal. 

We’re not saying remote work isn’t capable of it, but just that it is difficult to find when you don’t see each other in the flesh! Being left to your own devices can be great, but it can also become lonely. This is why you’ll find people flocking to places known for their digital nomad hubs i.e. places like Bali, or Turkey seeking that sense of community of like-minded people! That’s why we are making it our mission to create a spectacular community with our remote Franc & Iris fam by bringing you all together.


Being told you can work from wherever, whenever, sounds like an absolute dream. Sometimes though, we’ve found it has its challenges when you have no set structure. Sometimes it’s nice to know when you start and end your working day, you’re able to “clock out” at the end of the day, mentally & physically. This is often a big challenge for remote workers. 

Studies actually show remote workers work longer hours than people in the office for this very reason. If you are someone who struggles to create your own structure, this can lead to a downfall in productivity & success and possibly even burn out.

We like to share lots of tips & tricks on our Instagram stories to help fellow remote workers stay focused & on top of their game. Make sure to check us out on Instagram! *link*


In this day & age, it’s nearly impossible to not spend time in front of a screen each day. Whether it’s your phone for general communication, your TV for Netflix, and your laptop for everything in between, we are all slaves to the screen. On top of much of our already high screen time, when you are required to be in front of a screen for work, it takes a toll on your body & it’s health. Prolonged screen time can not only cause long term eye damage, but short term, it can also mean regular headaches, eye strain, difficulty concentrating, as well as affecting your sleep health.

It doesn’t need to be this way, in step… anti-blue light specs! We set out to solve this problem for remote workers and it was the reason we created Franc & Iris glasses, to block harmful blue light from your screens to help you work more productively and comfortably from your laptop without sacrificing your health.


We love what we do, & we love that we get to do it from bed, at the beach, or whatever we so choose! We are so grateful for our wonderful remote worker life and we’re excited to continue to support you to work from your laptops without sacrificing your health from the screen time that comes along with it.

Haven’t picked up a pair of anti blue light specs yet? A remote worker essential: work smarter, not harder and protect your eyes from your screen!

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