As a fully-remote team here at Franc & Iris, we’ve got a few years of experience under our belt when it comes to living the remote work life to the max. 

Here are the top 5  essential apps to boost your productivity when working online!


Oftentimes, the idea of having to get digitally creative can feel like quite a daunting task. I don’t have a degree in graphic design! What’s a remote worker to do?! This is how we felt until Canva entered our life. Canva provides templates for any creative project under the sun. You want a cute design template for your Instagram story? Canva’s got your back.

Creating an event poster? Enter Canva.

Need to mock up a jazzy new ad? Canva.

Are you noticing the pattern here? Basically, if you want it, Canva’s got it, and we love that about her.


Listen, I’m afraid the time of writing out work to-do lists is gone, mi amigo. Enter, Trello. This little beauty allows you to make lists of lists, categorise them, organise them, & name them all for optimal organisation & productivity! I mean it’s a dream come true!! (I’m a double my love for lists showing a bit too much..?) Never miss another task, or get frazzled trying to remember what you’ve got to get done by EOD ever again with Trello.


Ever need to show an employee or coworker how to do a certain task online? Loom is a free screen & video recording software, that allows you to easily upload & send videos to your team without having to wait for them to upload to your Google Drive, and then take up all your Google Drive space. No one wants to pay for extra Google Drive space. Stop that! Give your drive a breather & download Loom.


Want to know what rhymes with Loom & also does video-related stuff? Zoom. If you aren’t using Zoom yet then you must have been in a coma for all of 2020. If that is the case, sorry about that. But hey good news- there’s an awesome video conferencing app now called Zoom! This allows you to easily host & enter meetings, whether it’s work-related, or just catching up with friends these days. You also get to put up snazzy greenscreen backgrounds on your calls! Who doesn’t want to do that?!


Ending on a serious note here, our pride and joy, Toggl. This is a time tracking software that allows you to track your time blocks optionally labelled with a task, a project, and tags, so you can really stay on task. If you’re someone with lots of little tasks to do throughout the day, not only will this help you stay productive knowing the tock is clicking, I mean, the clock is ticking, but it’ll help keep your mind clear & focused on the task at hand.

Whilst these apps are amazing at enhancing your productivity, overexposure to blue light from your screens is not. Enter sore eyes, headaches and trouble getting to sleep. UGH. Protect your eyes with our anti-blue light specs, find your style.

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