Give the Gift of Sight this Christmas 🎁

Want to hear a not-so-fun fact? 

Did you know that 253 MILLION people live with a vision impairment?

… and that 36 MILLION people are blind? 

Unfortunately, these numbers are projected to triple by 2050.

The crazy thing is that 80% of all vision impairment can be prevented or cured.

In the developing world, this disability often keeps people trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty because it often means people cannot learn or work.

It’s heartbreaking 💔


By restoring sight and preventing blindness, people are able to take better care of their health, lift themselves and their families out of poverty, and contribute to their community. 

Sight can quite literally break the cycle of poverty.

For every $1 spent on restoring blindness in the developing world, at least $4 is returned back into the economy. Making curing sight one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing poverty according to the World Bank.


Well, it only costs $15 to pay for an eye test and prescription glasses for someone in the developing world. 

We decided to make it nice and easy for you to contribute, and so with every pair of our glasses purchased, we donate $15 on your behalf to the amazing charity: SEVA, who use the funds to pay for the gift of sight to someone in need, at no extra cost to you.


Imagine giving someone the gift of sight. Being able to see will allow them to learn and work, and ultimately give them a shot at lifting themselves out of poverty. 

A teeny price to pay in order to transform someone’s life


So during this season of giving, why not give two gifts packaged into one? By gifting our Franc & Iris specs, not only will you be improving your loved-ones screen experience with a pair of our premium anti-blue light lenses, but you will also be giving an incredible gift of sight to somebody else.

Shop Now & Give the gift of sight this holiday season.


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