For decades there has been a blueprint that society has ingrained in us to follow, we must work in an office, rise up the corporate ladder… *ugh*... the list goes on! 

With the majority of the world making huge life decisions on auto-pilot based on societal pressures of what the system has “programmed” them to do, instead of them asking themselves ‘what do I want to do?’ deeply saddens us and we want to inspire people to step outside of their comfort zone & ask themselves these important questions!


Anti blue light glasses


Only recently are these beliefs being re-visited and questioned (the introduction to working from home #CORONA2020), people are now realising they can create successful lives for themselves in different ways. 


Remote Work


It takes courage to go against the grain, and do the opposite of what many of your friends and coworkers may be doing. But as we say here at Franc & Iris HQ ‘with great risk comes great reward!’ This often means many highs and lows, with some interesting, possibly questionable stories and experiences along the way! BUT.. we’d always ALWAYS take adventure over settling and that’s what makes our community so special.


Digital Nomad


Seeing others taking that leap, leaving a job they hate in favour of seeing the world and working online, creating some amazing things is SO inspiring to us. People not being afraid to face these challenges head on, unapologetically themselves, completely embracing life and all of its possibility! We’re inspired every day and we’re so grateful to be part of this family.

It’s about the journey, not the destination!

You know what you might need along the way, a little help protecting your eyes from all that screentime!

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