Happy LGBTQ+ Pride Month Franc & Iris fam!

We are so proud of our remote worker community and Franc & Iris family. We love that remote work breaks down barriers and helps to level the playing field for talent, giving lots of people an opportunity to succeed where otherwise they may have not had access.

It’s one of the things we love most - that the remote worker community welcomes people of all different backgrounds & walks of life, regardless of how they identify!



Diversity to us is not a quota we are looking to reach, but simply a non-negotiable of how we want to live our lives. As remote workers and digital nomads, we want to experience different cultures, have adventures, and meet as many interesting people as possible! This is why we travel and work online. We’re fascinated by people from all different backgrounds, curious about other cultures - embracing diversity is literally what makes life interesting to us. 



We refer to you all as our family, because we mean it! A family of people from all sorts of backgrounds, who have gone against the grain in favour of experiencing the true diversity of the world.

We look to the LGBTQ+ community for inspiration, they frequently lead the way for inclusivity and welcome all. We’re excited to support & be a part of LGBTQ+ celebrations this month and contribute to the movement of a more welcoming & inclusive world. Thank you to this unique community for inspiring us all!



We wish you all a Happy Pride Month ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 

With love,

Your Franc & Iris Fam