For years now, “working online” & “digital nomading” have been buzz terms in the media, however, with the new age of TikTok stars & Youtubers dominating the social media scene, this term may have been confused with what the potential of living a remote work life entails, or really means.

Achieving location independence, or traveling whilst working online may feel like a distant dream that only insta-famous travel bloggers can attain. We here at Franc & Iris want to dispel this myth as we know firsthand from our many years of working remotely that there is no one ‘type’ of digital nomad and in fact, remote work can look like anything you really want it to!

To celebrate the unique and diverse nature of the remote worker community, we’ve decided to showcase some of our favourite inspirational professionals from the digital nomad world.

1st up, Meet Erin!


Erin is a 38 year old Australian entrepreneur, she currently lives in Bali and has been living & working remotely as an Online Coach & Healer for the past 5 years!

She is on a mission to heal & empower others to alleviate any baggage & pain they carry, through lessons in spirituality, self-love, and sexuality, helping people live fully aligned with themselves.

On top of that, Erin has gone on to starting her own sex & relationship podcast called ‘Sex & Healing with Erin Kyna’. 

We love a multiple income stream Queen!

Next up, Mara!

Mara is 24, originally from the Philippines and currently living in Bali. She works remotely as a digital content creator! 

Mara advertises and partners with different companies to help them create content to best showcase their brand. The need for eye-catching content is key to brand discovery and Mara travels the world shooting content in all sorts of exotic locations for brands.

We love to see her creative talents bringing brands to life!

Last but certainly not least, is Witria!

Witria is 25, from Indonesia and manages a co-working space called Tropical Nomads for remote workers in Bali. Witria’s co-working space is often the birthplace of many digital nomad’s first steps into their remote work journey!

She brings the digital nomad family together through an environment that encourages productivity, individuality and collaboration.

She also has recently launched her own clothing line of incredible cute dresses called Zuliani!

We respect the grind girl!


Bottom line, we want to remind you that everyone is invited to join the remote worker family! It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are, what you do, or how you do it. 

We encourage you to explore new things, find something you love to do and go out into the world and share it!


With love,

Franc & Iris xx

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