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For Those Who Live And Work Online

Our stylish, ultra-light specs block the harmful blue light from your screens helping you to tackle that 10+ hour laptop sesh with ease.


SPECS (No pun intended):


  • CR39 Premium Anti-Blue Light lenses
  • Blocking 100% blue light on 400nm-410nm spectrum
  • Blocking 32% blue light on the 430nm-450nm spectrum
  • UV400 blocking 99%+ of UV light
  • Shatterproof


  • TR-90 ultralight frames

So light you won’t even notice you’re wearing them!

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Why Anti-Blue Light Glasses?

  • Turbo-charge your productivity and focus
    Without sore eyes dragging you down you can tackle that 10 hour laptop sesh with ease!
  • Hellooooo to the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had
    Blue light exposure makes the body awake and alert, so when you're scrolling your IG feed before you go to bed, that's why you might struggle to fall asleep easily.
  • Say bye to screen headaches
    One of the things our remote work family love about wearing our specs is that they no longer suffer from frequent headaches from too much screen exposure.
  • See-YA screen time anxiety
    No need to feel guilty about all that time spent behind a screen!
  • Farewell screen-induced frown lines
    No more sore eyes means no more squinting, our youthful skin will thank us for it!
  • CHEEKY BONUS: improving your post-work Netflix experience!
    Wind down before bed with Netflix and drift easily into a blissful sleep.
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We donate $15 from your purchase to SEVA to give the gift of sight to someone living in a remote part of the world by gifting him or her prescription glasses and an eye screening.

This means a child or adult is:

  • No longer behind at school
  • Can now read and learn with others in their class
  • Gets back their independence
  • Able to work and earn an income
  • Able to empower themselves out of poverty
  • Able to finally see the world clearly

Restoring sight is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce poverty.

By purchasing a pair of our screen glasses, you help break the cycle of poverty.

Give the Gift of Sight

What our customers say...

"They make a massive difference to my productivity, the best investment a remote worker can make!"

Paulina, works remotely in Bali, Indonesia

"I have really noticed a difference! My eyes feel way less strained and I find it easier to wind down in the evenings."

Mel, works remotely in London, UK

"My headaches have gone, I'm sleeping better and I don't have to overly worry about my screen time now."

Gareth, works remotely in Manchester, UK

"So light fitting you don’t notice you’re wearing them, they fit perfectly! I wear them all day, every day!"

Heidi, works remotely in London, UK

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