As remote workers, we have the best of both worlds, the freedom to live and work anywhere in the world whilst also doing exciting and stimulating work we care about. 

One thing is for sure, we loveeee our laptops. Working > messaging > Netflix, we spend our lives in front of the screen, for most of us probably around 12+ hours per day and our eyes pay the price.

The headaches, tired/bloodshot eyes and don’t mention trying to get to sleep whilst battling the insomnia! Studies have taught us that blue light tricks us into thinking we should be alert and awake - the reason why you struggle to sleep at night post Netflix. We don’t even know yet the extent of the harm that over-exposure to blue light from screens is causing us.
As remote workers, reducing our screen time for our health is just not an option for us. Our income is made behind the screen. Here at Franc & Iris, we set out to find a solution and stumbled upon screen glasses. The thing was, most of them were too hideous to wear in public - eeeek! We took it upon ourselves to take one for the remote work team and create the ultimate specs for the remote worker that are stylish, effective and give back.

To enable you to work long hours and not feel guilty about it.
Watch that Netflix show to wind down before bed and drift off quickly into a blissful sleep.
Maximise your productivity without your screaming eyes slowing you down.
All whilst looking great!
You can thank us later ;)
Holddd up... we didn't want to stop there. We noticed that something that many of us remote work community share is a strong desire to give back.
This term 'conscious capitalism' is something that really resonates with us - striving to create and build whilst empowering and lifting others up with you along the way. This is something we wanted to weave into our solution and we looked towards the legendary TOMS model for inspiration.
Did you know…
Curing sight is the most cost-effective way at reducing poverty? 
And the many of the people living in poverty in the developing world most likely wouldn’t be if they could see properly?
$15 pays for an adult or child in a remote area of the world to have prescription glasses and an eye-test. Being able to see, will allow them to work, which will give them a shot at lifting themselves out of poverty. The ultimate self-empowerment.
A tiny price to pay to transform someone's life and we wanted to give you all an opportunity to contribute. That’s why for every pair of glasses sold, we will donate $15 of your money to SEVA who will use the funds to pay for the gift of sight to someone who needs it, at no extra cost to you.
Because it’s the right thing to do. Give the Gift of Sight. Shop the collection.